agNedia Inc.

Development of mobile applications for smartphones such as iPhone and Android is one of our strong points, and developments of the related servers are also our specialties.


avant-garde neo media.

We proposed for supporting globalization of IT sectors for your organization. Mobile application generator, one of our products is one example of reasonably low-cost solutions, targetted for small to mid-ranged companies. We also provide other mobile-app related solutions.


Because of the Internet, there are no more borders among countries, a history tells that software engineering resources were migrated from North America to India.

On the other hand, due to the IT innovation, a language barrier is getting removed in Japan, globalization for the main purpose of cutting cost is still unchanged. Therefore, for IT industry, engineering resources from overseas must be fulfilled.

Actually, barriers of corporate globalization appear obvious in cultural differences.

agNedia Inc. is happy to help for globalizations from large-sized to small/mid-sized companies as a media by our multi-cultural expert engineers. Eventually, we propose off-shore development for your company.

Support for a globalization of your organization

Software developments

Building and operating servers and computer networks

GUI designs for mobile applications

Web designs and developments

Plan for and development of mobile contents

Sell or licensing original products and services

Company concepts

1. Compliance
2. Pursuit of technological innovation
3. Promoting communication in our society
4. Coexistence with the region
5. Contribution to environmental conservation
6. Acquiring customer trust
7. Establishing a relationship of trust with business partners
8. Creating an environment for employee self-actualization
9. Sound relationships with politics and administration
10. Appropreate dealing with antisocial forces


agNedia Inc. (avant-garde neo media)

Hamatsu-cho Dia Build 2F
2-2-15 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 105-0013

TEL: 03-6869-9733 FAX: 03-6869-9733

Established in August, 2012, Capital: 3 M yen, President: Isamu Tanaka

Our technologies

FORTRAN、Awk、BIOS, Kotlin, Python、ASP.NET(VB), Flash, ASP, Actionscript, JSP, swift3
Objective-C, JavaScript, Ecmascript 6, JavaServlet, C♯, .NET, PHP, ASP.NET(C♯), Delphi,
VB, SQL, XML, VB.NET, UML, Assembler, Java 6 to 7, C, C++, VC, VC++, HTML, Perl,
AWS Lambda/S3/RDS/VPC/API Gateway/Cognito/DynamoDB, Serverless, Bluemix,
Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Unity 3D, Mendix, Swagger, Android Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder,
Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Symfony, Rails, Redux, React, Zend Framework,
CakePHP, .NET Framework, ACOS, Fedora, Debian, Hyper-V, Solaris, Red Hat, CentOS,
IOS(iPhone OS), ITRON, Microsoft Windows CE, OS-9, Symbian OS, VMware, Mac OSX, Windows, Ubuntu, android,
Realm, SQL Server, Oracle Database, SQLite, MS Access, Flex, DHTML,
Flash, Ajax, HTML5, CSS/SCSS, JBoss、WebLogic、WebSphere Application Server,
IIS, Tomcat, nginx, Apache, Exchange Server, SharePoint, IPv6, VPN, POP/SMTP, ssh, TCP/IP, Cisco,
CORBA, RPC, SOA, Rest/Restful, LDAP, SSL,
MS Project, Jenkins, UML, Visio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
translation and interpretation between Japanese and English